Thursday, October 31, 2013

NaBloWriMo Day 31 30 More Days of Craziness

Well, this is the last post of 2013’s NaBloWriMo and while there were moments when I wasn’t sure I would make it, I did. I posted something every day and I gotta tell ya, IT WAS HARD!

So, what’s on the horizon for me? NaNoWriMo. Yes, because apparently NaBloWriMo was just a crazy warm-up for a crazier November. Going from writing as many (or few) words as I want, to having a daily goal of almost 1700 words (providing I get to write every day) is going to be a challenge. Plus forays to the shop, which take up a lot of time and energy that leaves me little to devote to writing, or bookkeeping, or, um, much of anything for that matter.

Here’s the deal: Last year, I did not finish. Either that or I didn’t even participate. I don’t recall. Sad, I know. But I learned something important: I survived not winning. I survived writing and having a good reason to write and be surrounded by all those writer vibes while writing and it was good. It felt good. It felt right, and it feels right to do it again.

I’m diving in again because I want to reboot my creativity when it comes to my novel writing. I’ve let it slide due to work and life in general, not a great excuse, but the only one I have. Actually, it isn’t the only excuse because the other main one was a plot that just didn’t leave me wanting more. Now that I’ve ironed out that “minor” problem by hitting the delete key (well not really, because there are parts I’m going to keep to use) I’m ready to give NaNoWriMo another go and get that ding-dang second book really written and have something of worth to offer my readers.

Because they are awesome.

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