Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NaBloWriMo Day 29 Bookfest!

Every year we Western Washingtonians are treated to an event called Northwest Bookfest. It is usually held in the fall and, in the past, has been free. Things change and now I see they’re charging $99 for two days of workshops and events. I’m down with that price, actually because it is way less than most of the writing conferences I’ve attended. Unfortunately, it is still too rich for my budget this year, but at least I’ll have a target for next year.

However, the good news is there are plenty of free author panels to attend, as well as vendors in attendance. I plan on doing some holiday shopping while I’m there. J I would love to have a table there one of these years, where I can offer all of my titles for sale. It’s another goal I’m setting for myself.

Anyway, I usually attend with a writer friend who has been known on this (and my previous blog) as Sagacious Woman. We both love books on various subjects and she is one of my faithful, patient, long-suffering first readers. That poor woman has slogged her way through rough drafts, scandalously edited second drafts, and a few nearly-final stages as well. Even as a writer, I cannot fully express my gratitude and deep appreciation for all her hard work.

Back to the topic of the Bookfest, I almost didn’t go, after all, my sweetie’s birthday is coming up next week and I was planning on spending the weekend closest to her birthday with her, but she convinced me that it would be ok for me to attend the Bookfest, providing I bring her something. It’s called a birthday gift and I’m sure I can find a suitable offering at the venue.

So, I’m going to start saving my money and next year, I’m going to make a whole weekend of it, workshops, or a table if my second book is out by then (more on THAT tomorrow…)

I’m so excited… only two more blog posts and then the month is over. You know what that means? November 1st, I’ll start getting all these wonderful blog ideas and no time to write them around NaNoWriMo.

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