Sunday, November 24, 2013

Snit This

I have a hair up my nose about something and I'm going to spill it here. There's a huge uproar over retailers who are going to be open on Thanksgiving so people can start their shopping earlier. Knickers are in a knot because that means some folks won't be spending the holiday with family. Gosh, how thoughtful.

But what about restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving? Why is there no mega-snit over that? People are working at those restaurants and not spending time with THEIR families. They are working to serve food to people too lazy to cook it themselves. Is every person who plans to boycott the big stores for being open on Thanksgiving going to have a home cooked meal? It wouldn't surprise me to see a large population of "protesters" who wouldn't think twice about heading to a restaurant for their holiday repast so they won't have to worry about the cleanup?

Has anyone thought about the employees of the retailers who may not have family near by and would welcome going to work as a diversion from being alone? What about the good folks who do not celebrate the holiday? Or the kind souls who are willing to go into work because they celebrate being with family whenever they can get together with their loved ones? Let's not forget those who want the holiday pay. And who is speaking up for the ones who just don't freaking care about the holiday in the first place?

To be honest with you, I don't think the outrage over big retail being open is really about whether or not employees are with their families. I think it's just another way to stick it to "the man." It is a weak attempt to wound "greedy corporations" with self-righteous clap-trap. Giving the workers "in the trenches" a pat on the back and an "I'm here for you, buddy." Shallow, man, really shallow. If you truly want to give them your support, vote to raise minimum wage.