Saturday, October 12, 2013

NaBloWriMo Day 12 Editing

I’ve been on the receiving end of some hounding by individuals who insist I finish the second book because they’ve been left hanging. I understand, I really do. It is frustrating to wonder what in the hell happened and what is going to happen to characters.

Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat. I keep picking away at it, then changing my mind. I’ve not even finished the second run through, because I’ve decided to go a different direction and that means a whole rewrite. Almost from scratch.

Which really means I’ve not started editing, because I’m now working on the second first draft. It is slow going because I’m constantly interrupted by stupid things, namely my persistent checking of facebook.

It’s what killed my blog before, and it is killing my writing now. I wouldn’t have gone back to it, but I was told it would be a good way to get word out about my book. So far, I haven’t noticed a marked upswing in sales due to my facebook account, and I also find that I’m making it a lot more personal than I had originally intended. Oops, so much for professionalism.

What has me looking over my shoulder right now is the month of November, and the big NaNoWriMo event. After not winning last year, and actually being ok with it, I’ve decided to give it a go again.

It all started with a conversation in a bookstore and now I’m getting all geared up for a lovely romp through the old west. For a month. Which means even less editing is going to happen in November, so if I’m really going to make progress on the second book of the Citadel Chronicles, I need to get busy.

Ah, procrastination. Let’s do lunch… one of these days.


  1. Love the post, I just stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading a large part of it :) Bookmarking to keep up with :)

    Good luck with NaBloWriMo - I missed the boat and didn't realise it was on. All the best to you and your partner too :)

  2. FB is a necessary evil! I actually think I could delete my account and be fine except for the fact that I taught my mother how to utilize it and now that's how she communicates with me...I created a monster!


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