Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6 NaBloPoMo

I went to the beach this weekend to work in the hat shop with Tam. This long distance relationship stuff is hard, folks, really hard. The three and a half, to four hour drive is not always pleasant, even if it does go through some of the most beautiful scenery. It is still a long-assed drive that has me quite tired by Sunday when I get back home.

But it is worth it. Not only do I get to see my sweetie (which is definitely worth the drive) but I get to play in the shop. It isn’t a win-lose situation, it’s a win-win-lose situation. Unless you add in the long distance relationship part then we’re up to a win-win-lose-lose thing.

I won’t get into the traffic issue, or the fact that if the weather is crappy, I end up leaving on Saturday morning just so I don’t have to travel at night in ugly, unpredictable weather with ugly, unpredictable drivers and wildlife doing their ugly, unpredictable shit everywhere.

This last trip was kind of unusual. While I’m used to seeing plenty of mule deer hanging around the roadside, waiting for a car to come along before they dash across, I am NOT accustomed to rounding a corner and finding about six head of elk standing on the shoulder and staring at my car. They had that look that clearly said, “It’s a hybrid. Not even worth a full point. Bambi could trash one of those. Let’s wait for something worthy of our name.” Just one more reason I dislike driving at night. Those glowing eyes give me the heebie jeebies.

Speaking of wildlife, as I was getting ready to leave this morning, I was hauling my luggage out to the car when what to my wondering eyes should appear but A BEAR CUB!!! HOLY SHIT!!! I jumped back into the house after uttering a particularly foul epitaph, turned around and realized it was the dog from across the road and not a bear, cub or full grown.

I laughed really hard, both in relief and because it was hilarious. When I was steady enough to go back outside, the dog and her owner strolled over and we had a nice chat. She’s a Black Retriever, “a rare breed that has all but been forgotten,” according to her owner. She looks and acts a lot like a field retriever, only she’s black and not liver colored. But she sure acts like a field retriever.

She’s very stubborn, energetic, and has no idea why someone may not want to be her best friend. I love dogs and we made up and became besties right there and then, even while she was dancing across both my feet. Her owner said she chased a bear sow and her cub a couple weeks ago, and I’m thinking it was the same day Tam and Li’l Red saw the bruins wandering the neighborhood. Stupid dog, but the bear wanted nothing to do with such a bold creature that smelled strongly of man, and headed far from the area. I’m not sure if I’m happy about that as I have yet to actually see the bear from less than 100 feet away.

When I got home, after my long drive with Goddammit Bird, I was greeted by one of the cats. The other was refusing to speak to me because my son, Middle Minion, had lost his key to the house and could not come in and check on the kitties in my absence. This meant there was DISH showing in the FOOD! And we all know how completely unacceptable that is when you’re a cat.

After a rather intense search that included using the feline summoner, also known as the can opener, she finally made herself known, however briefly that was. I was thankful there were no ugly surprises for me lurking in my chair, or on the sofa or anywhere else. Four hours later and she’s still snubbing me. Cats…yay.

With the winding down of the busy weekend, I’m finding it difficult to settle in. There is still a little daylight that is quickly fading and taking the last of summer with it. I long to be out there to take in the last of the blessed warm season, but I’m so damn tired I think I’ll call it a day.

Oh, did I mention I visited my friends at the bookstore while I was at the beach? Did I mention after much discussion and thought, I know where my writing is going to take me next? “Next” being after the Chronicles are farther along and I can take a little break from them. Yeah, it was a good weekend. Despite the cats.


  1. ..."feline summoner"...I have to remember that! Great term!

  2. It truly was a marvelous weekend. Now we are back to the rain.
    Love Tam


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