Saturday, October 19, 2013

NaBloWriMo Day 19 Fall Sun

We have been graced with several of those spectacular fall days that just kind of take your breath away with the sheer awesomeness of everything. Bright blue skies reminiscent of summer, a cool breeze that isn’t too cold, and fall colors that dazzle the eyes have been our world for the past few days. Every morning is blanketed in mist and we move under it like toes reluctant to leave a warm bed. But we rise; our noises muffled and our vision blurred as we push our way into the day. 

We greet each other the same way, eyes cast upward before shrugging. What will the weather do today? They say blue skies, but it is too easy to doubt while shrouded in gray mist. So we shake our heads and move on, glancing out the window, fingers crossed for a glimpse of blue.

When it comes, it comes in a rush, the sun melting the gray into thin wisps that the breeze easily carries away. We rejoice by taking our breaks outside when possible, or going the long way to the workroom. We’ll use any excuse to be outside in the last days of sunshine. Soon the dark season will settle in and lull us into forgetfulness, with only vague recollection of warmth and light. Ancient memories surge up and we hope and pray that the light remembers to return to us. We light candles, stoke the hearth fires and gather friends and family together for feasts and fun. All to push back the darkness and leave room for the light to return.

And it will return. We will forget the coolness of fall and the dark of winter, the seductive mists that give us privacy and hid our sins against nature. We’ll revel in the light and heat, and somewhere we will remember that it too shall pass and once again we’ll greet the morning cloaked in gray and we’ll move back into the dark.

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