Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 14 NaBloWriMo Brain Drivel

I’m staring at the blog and a blank page on the computer. I have no idea what to write today, and I’m loathe to just skip a day because of fatigue, but… (yawn) I’m pooped.

Nothing much got done this weekend, considering I spent a good part of Sunday thinking it was Saturday and I had a whole other day to be busy before going back to work. Oh, it’s bad enough when I think Thursday (or Wednesday) is Friday, but thinking Sunday is Saturday is a very cruel trick played by a sadistic brain.

It was a harbinger of what Monday was going to be like. I got myself all ready for work and I was so happy that I had made my lunch the night before (leftovers). Leftovers beat the hell out of tortilla or other gluten-free chips, granola bar, fruit (if I’m lucky) and water. I hate that lunch. Anyway, I grabbed my water tumbler (the lidded thing with the long straw) and headed out the door. When I got to work, I took a sip of water and, um, what the hell?

Ok, I will accept partial responsibility for what I found because I had left the bag with my water container on the floor, and the straw was sticking up. I did not notice anything amiss until I took that first sip… and realized the straw had been chewed on by one of the cats. There were holes in the damn thing and chewed pieces at the top. Once I stopped gagging and picked the cat fur out of my mouth, I spent most of the day sulking and being very thirsty.

I was also busy plotting revenge on one soon-to-be-sorry feline.

But I was particularly sad to discover one of the gals who works at my school wasn’t there to see my lunch. She’s one of “those” folks who will look at a person, then analyze their lunch and draw some pretty harsh judgments against a person. You should have seen the look on her face when I put my chips/granola bar/sad-looking banana and water on the table the last time she was in the lunch room. I thought her eyeballs were going to roll up inside her brain. Then she started in on nutritional information that she felt I needed to know.

I declined to fill her in on my financial information that tends to dictate my life. I have property taxes due this month and my bank account is sucking fumes. Buying expensive groceries right now is pretty low on my list. I’m currently working my way through whatever is in the pantry and the freezer. I may be lunching on pickles and popsicles before the month is over.

So, I was kind of hoping she’d be there to see my salad. It wasn’t bad and I was rather pleased with it. We’ll probably end up at the same table the day I’m dining on white rice and cabbage. The cabbage won’t be an issue, but the rice? Yeah, that should get her wheels spinning.

Here’s hoping Monday doesn’t spill over into the rest of the week. I have plans that don’t involve Mondays or know-it-all co-workers. They do involve Kate Shugak, a bookcase, some boxes, and an outline. Oh, and editing. Always the editing.


  1. Bad kitty!
    I think you should really get the gal at your lunch table going and bring a dish of cat food next time for lunch ;)

  2. At lest she left her calling card. Maybe you could give her a straw of her own to chew on.
    Love Tam


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