Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nearing the End

It’s been an interesting month. I’ve blogged more this month on this blog than I have since I started it. To be honest, it hasn’t been easy. There was a point when Tam and I were at the beach that I didn’t think I’d get to do a real post because my free ride had been turned off for the weekend. Then I found the library and all was well.

By that point in the month, it was important for me to make the effort to post every day, which forced me to look at my life and see exactly what the hell was going on. If nothing was happening, I knew I had to look harder, or just look at things with a different perspective.

Sometimes it worked, other times I’d have to dig deep into my brain and find some lint-covered tidbit upon which I could wax poetic or just bullshit the hell out of it. Lately, my mind has been occupied with things that probably don’t make for good blog posting: my desire to buy the damn shop and get the hell out of where I am for good; my NaNoWriMo project; figuring out how to come up with the purchase price for the shop sooner rather than later; the third installment of the series which is my NaNoWriMo project; dreading Mondays because it means the start of another long week of being hit, scratched, head-butted, and yelled at and knowing that I need to put up with it for a few more years before we can BUY THE DAMN SHOP; NaNo-Need I Say More?

I’ve noticed that the farther we get into the school year, the more my thoughts turn to early retirement. Tam and I are hoping she gets her own kitchen soon, which means a substantial pay raise, so we can put my entire paycheck into the bank and start building that account for the shop. I’m also going to attempt to sell some of my writing toward that end. Also? Buying lottery tickets.

Seriously, I’m getting desperate. I’m even considering standing on a street corner with a sign that says, “School district employee wants out for better life. Please help.”

Tam informed me that I’ve been officially invited to her mother’s for Thanksgiving this year. I can’t remember what the hell happened last year, but I know I didn’t go anywhere. My kids are going to their paternal grandparents for one of the huge family gatherings (which I must confess, I do miss… there are people in the family I still adore and would love to visit, but I’m deathly allergic to drama and would rather not cause any). It should be an interesting holiday.

As for Yule and Christmas, we’ll celebrate Solstice with the kids, then we’ll have Christmas Eve with just the two of us, Christmas morning with kids, then Tam will go to her mother’s and I’ll have a blissfully quiet day to myself. Unless someone I know and love insists I join in the familial escapades and make an appearance at her mother’s house again.

She’d do that, you know.


  1. Allergic to drama.....yet you still read my blog : )

  2. I love your blog. Besides, your drama doesn't make me rant and foam at the mouth, it makes me laugh.

  3. Um, that above comment was for Dark Mother. Gosh, I wish I could edit comments, especially when I end up sounding like a narcissistic dork.

  4. no narcissistic dork, you've just had too much Halloween candy : )


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