Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Epic Pies

Most Minor Minion decided to bake pies. His intent was to bake an apple pie, a cherry pie, and a pumpkin pie.

He has never made pie before. Ever. He loves the stuff, eats it whenever it's offered, but that’s as far as it has ever gone. So for whatever reason, he decided to make pies all by himself.

Using a cookbook designed for the novice cook, he set about his task. First he shopped. I don’t know what kind of apples he bought, but I hope they are the kind that hold up to baking. There's nothing quite as disappointing than taking a bite of applesauce pie.

Of course, it doesn't really matter since he didn’t peel them first. Oh, and this was also the pie that he had in the oven when he went visiting, so it got a little done on the crust. Ahem…

While I was busy writing a blog post about the visit of my three darlings, I got a text from him asking if it’s ok that he put a top crust on a pumpkin pie. After several texts, I decided to just make life easier and call him. Besides, Tam was curious to know a few things about this adventure as well, so I put my son on speaker phone.

It turns out, he opened the can of pumpkin, dumped in a quarter cup of flour, some sugar, and put it in the pie shell. That’s what the cook book said to do for fruit pies.

“Pumpkin isn’t that kind of pie, honey. Pumpkin is a custard-style filling. No top crust necessary, but eggs and milk are. There is a recipe on the can…”
“Yeah, but I just figured I would use the one in the cookbook for fruit.”
“Ok. You may want to taste these pies before sharing with your college classmates.”
“Good idea. If they’re bad, I guess I’ll try again.”
“Why don’t you bring yourself down here and let Tam teach you how to make pie. She’s very good at it. When is your next day off?”
“How about Saturday?”
Tam said that would be fine.

Looks like we’re gonna be baking some pies this weekend, and all I can say about that is, YUM!

...I hope...


  1. Have to give him props for taking the pie-making initiative, but I nearly choked on my morning coffee with that description.

  2. You can't beat a good pie. I love making pies almost as much as I love eating them. Have fun!


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