Monday, October 17, 2011

Dinner Recap

Most Minor Minion turned 20 with a celebration dinner in his honor. Fifteen people were in attendance, including Tam and her three offspring: The Hair, Beans, and Li’l Red; his siblings: Spawn, Spawn-in-Law, and Middle Minion; me, his sire, his sire’s girlfriend, and girlfriend’s daughter, and a small handful of his friends.

Despite repeated inquiries, Most Minor Minion insisted he did not want any gifts, and when I handed him a card, he asked, “Did you buy me anything?” “No,” I said, “you told me you didn’t want anything and I can’t afford it anyway, so we both win.” “Good,” he said, “That’s exactly what I wanted. By the way, Dad got me something even though I said not to.” He looked annoyed. “Of course he did,” I said, rolling my eyes, “he is of the mindset that birthdays require gifts. Enjoy it. I did when I was married to him.”

We all traveled to the restaurant where we were seated at a long table. Once everyone was settled, Tam brought out her surprise. Glow-stick necklaces for everyone! They were a big hit, even with the ex! We all wore them proudly, fashioning them into all kinds of wearables. The ex’s girlfriend wore hers like a halo.

I wore mine like horns. I told her it was very apropos and she laughed. So did the ex, although he had an odd look when he did.

But it was fun. I got to tease the ex about his eating habits (the man hates cheese, but loves pizza and lasagna), chat with the girlfriend about this and that, sneak leg caresses with my sweetie who was chatting with her offspring, and give my own offspring a hard time for being silly, loveable dorks.

The food was grand, and the company was excellent. Two hours of fun and giggles, odd looks from an ex love (perhaps he hasn’t told his girlfriend that I’m gay and he was concerned that we’d make some kind of scene that he’d have to explain), and glow-sticks all make for an awesome evening.

One that I will remember for a very long time.


  1. I envy you being able to have family birthdays for your son's sake. Mine, according to my son, pretty much tries to act as if we were never married. I am not mentioned by his uncle, aunt, or any relatives. Except, of course, the cousins. And they write me still. However, I am the stepmom... and I have a great relationship with my son's mom, so that works. Ironic. WE can manage family get togethers.

    Sounds like a great celebration, actually... ESPECIALLY the necklaces. Wonderful.

  2. That sounds like a lot more fun than it could have been. Huge potential for disaster written all over the guest list. Love the glow sticks idea :)

  3. Sounds like a great time. I love glow sticks necklaces too. Definite ice breakers. I still can't believe your baby boy is 20. Awwww.


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