Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We were invaded today, but it was one of the better types. All three of my offspring returned to the nest for short visits of various reasons. Spawn wanted help with a story, Middle Minion needed to vent about his car, and Most Minor Minion was driving his brother around (and listening to him bitch about not having his car, I’m sure).

As we chatted, a really cute girl rode by on a bicycle and three of us stopped talking to kind of, um, stare. Spawn was the only one who didn’t find the young woman all that interesting (except she liked her hair). Ah, bonding with my boys over attractive women. What more could a mother want…?

When the conversation resumed, we discussed cook books, then Most Minor looked at his watch and said something about needing to get home before the timer goes off.

“What timer?”
“On the oven. I’m baking pies as we speak.”
“You’re kidding me, right? You didn’t really leave the oven on and go away.”
“Well… yes, actually, I did. Am I not supposed to do that?”
“No. The pie could overflow, make smoke, set off the alarms and annoy the hell out of the cats.” I refrained from reminding him of the grease fire he had in the kitchen a few months ago. This is my honors student offspring. He is also a nincompoop.

When he got home, he texted me to tell me that the oven was backing up (the timer was beeping). Don’t know for how long, but there was no mention of smoke. I guess the crust looked a little “funky” but other than that it seemed ok. That boy worries the hell out of me.

Spawn will be coming over on Thursday to get a ride home, Middle Minion will also be coming over either Wednesday or Thursday to get his car when it’s ready, and Most Minor will probably bring his mommies a piece of pie (if he knows what’s good for him, anyway).

It was so nice to see all three of them, and now I wish like hell I’d gotten pictures. Maybe I should look for the camera and be prepared for the next invasion.


  1. At lest I didn't have all three of mine too. We would of needed a bigger house.

  2. I'm just laughing at you all checking out the hot chick. Priceless!


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