Monday, January 30, 2012

Day Off…

Oh yeah! A day off and the house to myself. My plans were simple: watch a couple episodes of Bones, laundry, run an errand, fix some gluten-free pizza for lunch, and get some editing done.

I was in the middle of my second episode of Bones when there was a BOOM! And a THUMP! And the whole house SHOOK!

Both cats came running into the office where I was now staring at a blank monitor. I looked out the office window to see if the transformer on the side street had blown, but it looked fine. Thinking it was the one on the front street, I went outside and saw two things: one, a garbage truck just sitting at the intersection, and the power line to my house hanging in the tree, across the neighbor’s camper, and in their yard.

This was a precise hit by the Universe telling me to get busy and edit. Middle Minion suggested if that were the case, then it would just be the internet that went down, but I disagree. If only the internet had gone down, I’d spend a major part of the day on the phone with them, screaming myself hoarse at their automated phone answering system and still not get anything done. Plus, I would be in no mood to edit, I’d simply kill everyone, burn the book, burn the computers and walk away.

Seriously…This is nuts.

At least it isn’t freezing cold and dark as hell, so all is not lost. Also? There’s a very good chance I’ll have power before the end of the day, instead of the end of the week, which is a good thing.

But I desperately need coffee and I have no way to make any, so I just might have to go all bohemian and head to the coffee shop. Naw, I’m still enjoying the peace and quiet of the house, even if I am a little chilled. It may be dark, but at least I don’t have to pay for a glass of water, or pack everything up just to take a pee.

Power dude came and went. Power has been restored and laundry can commence.

Oh, yippee.


  1. "go all Bohemian" ahahahahah! You crack me up girl! You need to get a french press.

    No electricity required, just something to heat the water up with.

    Or......just drink a lot of vodka and you won't give a shit about anything. Either one : )

  2. So glad the power outage wasn't too long. But, yeah, the wild weather and power outages are getting really old . . .

    Sagacious Woman

  3. You must be getting sick of it but at least it was fixed quickly this time. I'm like you - I love to have my coffee. Our water went off last week (crazy home renovator in the street) and I had to wait for hours to have a coffee because I had forgotten to fill the kettle in the morning. It was torture. Coffee is one of the things that gets me through the day!


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