Monday, January 16, 2012

While At The Beach…


I was in the middle of editing my manuscript, when I was distracted by a naked woman asking if I still thought she was sexy.

(The next morning, Cole headed downstairs for breakfast.
“I hear you two will be leaving again soon,” Stella said, setting a plate of eggs and toast in front of her boss.
“Tomorrow night.”

Oh, yeah. I do, I really, REALLY do…


Passing a nursery readerboard, Tam snorted. “The sign says ‘dormant spray’ not DOORMAT spray. I wondered what kind of spray you’d use for doormats. Is there a doormat pest problem we don’t know about?”
“Yeah, when you have an infestation, the doormats start popping up all around the house. People start climbing in windows, crawlspaces and any opening to the house just because there is a Welcome mat in front of it. That’s how Santa started using the chimney, you know. There was a doormat on the roof.”
“Doormats can be pesky, curling up at the corners and stuff. They see you coming with a load of groceries and they freak out like a cat. ‘Ooh! Here she comes! I better get big!’ Next thing you know, you’re face down on the floor buried under a week’s worth of produce.”

“Does that sign say ‘Euripides’?” I asked.
“No, it says ‘Erad-i-pest’.”
“Ah, it must be the ancient Greek dude you need to call if you have an infestation of doormats.”


It snowed at the beach. I finally got to see snow-covered sand dunes and it was awesome! At first, we didn’t get much snow, only about an inch, but it was cold enough for it to stick around for a while. Later it snowed some more and we were totally jazzed. Now we’re hoping to be snowed in over the weekend so we don’t have to go back to work right away.


We ended up leaving the beach in the middle of another snow storm because we were both overcome by a wave of responsibility. As we left the snow-covered coast, we passed a vehicle that had crashed through a fence and was sitting in the middle of someone’s yard.
“Looks like they got themselves a new surprise lawn ornament.”
“I’ll bet there was a pesky ‘welcome’ doormat involved.”
“Someone should call Euripides.”

The rest of the drive home, if there was a car sitting where it shouldn’t have been, we blamed feral doormats. I put Tam on welcome mat detail so we wouldn’t end up in a ditch or someone’s yard by mistake. She did a good job, too, because we made it home safe and sound.

We’re still hoping for more snow and a late start for Tuesday.


  1. OMG you are a funny lady my friend! I hope you made it home and are safe and sound. I've been at home for 2 days already because of Metro's inability to function when more than two snowflakes hit the ground.

    Loud you--H&S, Sagacious Woman

  2. I've seen some ferocious looking doormats in my time. Don't be fooled by those ones with the flower prints on them - they are the worst of all. 'Euripides' - *snort*


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