Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh, maaaannnn…

I just did something stupid. I just looked at my (sort of self-imposed) to-do list and nearly had a heart attack. There hasn’t been that much mayhem since Pandora had her little incident. At least with Pandora, she managed to keep Hope. Me? I blindly reached out and snagged Chaos by the tail.

Because I’m just that awesome.

Right now, I’m supposed to be taking full advantage of a quiet house and editing another chapter of the manuscript. I’m not. Instead, I messed around on Facebook for a little while, before turning my attention to the blog (and that would be AFTER I did a little blog reading. Not mine, just a few others.).

It’s the way I have always “managed” my life; make a list, then put it “somewhere safe.” Then, when I least expect it, I find the list and realize that I’ve not done any of it. Not only that, but things have been added in a mysterious handwriting in something that looks like blood.

Then parts of the house break and, well, priorities get shuffled and the next thing you know, there’s a new list tacked onto the old one and my bank account goes into hiding. Somewhere on that list is a new roof and gutters, as well as some foundation repairs that need to be done.

Either that, or I say, “screw it,” write the next best selling series and roll around in a room filled with money.

Then I’ll hire someone to handle that damn list.


  1. I hear you. My focus is a bit off at the moment too. I write my lists with the sweat from my brow. Hahaha. I, too, dream of a PA. Can you imagine??

  2. My mother once told me that when it came time for me to hire a PA, she wanted the job. That thought nearly put me in therapy for a year! LOL


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