Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Not To Blog

Maybe I should title this one, "How to Not Blog."

It’s a good thing I didn’t make any promises about this blog…or join NaBloPoMo. Right now, I cannot think of any way to put up a post a week, much less one every damn day.

And it’s not like there hasn’t been anything happening that is blog-worthy, because folks, let’s face it, my life has some very odd people in it, and they make things blogable. No, it’s because I’ve managed to find things to keep me away from the blogosphere.

Important things.

Ok, maybe not ALL of them are important things, but enough of them are, that I find they justify my absence. Some of the time, anyway.

Let’s just get the nonsense and ridiculous things out of the way first. It’s the biggest time-suck, and definitely one of the most entertaining, but also the BIGGEST time-suck (yes, I know I said “time-suck” twice) has been Diablo II (expansion pack).

Now, before you get all, “Bitch, please” on me, just let me explain. Tam and I have figured out how we can play together on BattleNet and it’s been a blast. We get a couple of characters and go rompy-stompy through some dungeon, or forest, or what-the-hell place, and kill monsters. I find it rather cathartic after dealing with middle school children all day long.

When I’m not saving the world from the demonic forces, I’ve actually been editing the novel. My plans on getting through chapter 10 over the weekend fell through, thanks to a nasty little virus I’d picked up (probably from work… or one of those putrid little demons I bonked with my “scepter of might” in the Blood Moore). But, progress is being made, and I’m also putting down ideas for the next NaNoWriMo (which begins soon… too soon).

Then there are the cards. Tam brought home a TON of cardstock in various colors, punches, glitters (man, that shit gets EVERYWHERE), and decorative-edge scissors. I’ve been immersed in sculpting cards again, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The Halloween ones have been some of my favorites, although the note cards are a blast to make. I’d like to add other embellishments to them, but right now, most of my supplies are buried behind and underneath stuff that has yet to be put away after Tam moved in. Over a year ago.

Because we’ve been busy… weren’t you paying attention? We’ve been killing demons and saving the world, jeeze…

Plus, we’re both back at work and this year has been really hard on both of us, physically. Because I like my job, I cannot write about it, you’ll just have to trust me when I say, “I’m glad I have quick reflexes, and I hope these kids don’t kill me before I can retire.” No, I’m serious. Para’s in my kind of classroom have a tendency to get broken.

On a lighter note, coffee.

Tam and I have started to think we’re under some kind of coffee curse. Shortly after she moved in, my old coffee maker sprung a leak. We sent my older son out to get a new one, because we were too broke to do it ourselves. That machine lasted three whole weeks before it refused to heat the water.

By that time, we had figured out we could afford to get something of quality and have it last. After some research on the topic, we saved our pennies, took the plunge, and purchased an electric percolator. Let me tell you, that was AWESOME coffee! And that coffee pot lasted almost six months!

Instant coffee? Not a favorite around here. So, in a fit of pique and “take that, Universe,” Tam went out and bought a stove-top percolator. We danced the dance of joy and took that first sip of wonder and rejoiced. This would be the last coffee pot we’d ever have to buy.

Famous last words.

Not even a week after our first pot of delicious coffee, the damn glass percolator thingy on the top of the pot broke. It. Was. Tragic. We went back to instant for a little while, hoping to find a replacement part, but none were forthcoming. So, after channeling my inner McGyver, I took some aluminum foil and formed a new little perc-o-dome. Now that we can’t see the color of the brew, we have figured out that as soon as it’s going full blast, we turn down the heat to “low” and leave it. When it’s quiet, we go out, remove the innards and serve up the coffee.

Yay, Universe! Yay, McGyver! Yay, coffee!

Yay, blog!


  1. Don't be too hard on yourself re. the blogging. You are having fun and living your life - that is the most important thing. I wish I could hang out with you guys. You sound like you're having a blast. One day I will have to visit!

  2. There is always an open door for you Selma.


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