Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Well, That Was… Fun

This week sucked like a brand new vacuum cleaner. A brand new, high-powered, deluxe-o-matic, high-falutin’, no-nonsense, death-to-dust-bunnies kind of vacuum cleaner.

Gods, I hated this week. The worst part of it? THE DAMN THING IS A SHORT WORK WEEK, YET IT STILL SUCKED. It sucked like someone trying really hard to get that last drop of soda from the bottom of the glass.


Oh, the suckage; it knows no bounds, it refuses no misery. This week was a sucking spectacular black hole of a week, and man, those things really suck.

Ok, technically, black holes DON’T suck, because with no air in space, there’s no suckage, there’s just gravity going around ACTING like suckage, and that kind of sucks, so I guess they do suck in a non-sucking kind of way.

It’s Wednesday and my week has sucked.

It started on Sunday when I called my folks and my mother was in a mood. Let me tell you, that woman can share a foul mood better than a toddler shares stickiness. Nothing was sacred from her annoyance. Nothing. Our usual calls last around an hour. This one? 20 minutes. One minute of “Hi, Mom! How are you?” followed by 19 minutes of pure sucking hell.

Monday wandered in with some awesome gifts: migraines for everyone, stormy weather (hence the migraines), difficulties with a student at school (for me), and notification that Tam will no longer be acting manager of her kitchen because the REAL manager has been released from L&I and is returning to work. This comes after almost a year, and the director hinting that she may be getting the kitchen.

She was heartbroken, because now she has to go to a different school, take a pay cut, and go back to being an assistant. She’s been at her old school for five years and has watched a lot of those kids go from tender little kindergartners to boisterous 5th graders. The shock and heartache have been very difficult for both of us, and there have been some long, heart wrenching discussions. It was not a fun time. In fact, it sucked.

One of my students wasn’t feeling well and instead of being allowed to stay home, he was sent to school where he beat the living hell out of everyone (namely me because I get to work with him the most). It got so bad, I just had to walk away from him and let someone else do my job. Suck, suck, and more suck.

Then, because there wasn’t quite enough suckage, enter the County. Door-to-door making sure all the pets in the household are licensed. We have indoor-only cats, but that doesn’t matter. They must be licensed or we face a huge fine. Goodbye $35 dollars (and that was a savings of $25, too!). Suck. (We suspect it was the bitch behind us giving us crap, but we can’t prove it, which, you know, sucks).

Don’t get me started on the internet/phone thing, because it’s still not working and I’m to the point where I don’t give a shit. Suckiness squared.

Then, after another evening of difficult discussions, we cuddled under the covers, her cold feet attempting to find a warm spot on my body, and I realized right after I got comfortable, that I’d forgotten my nighttime meds. Not wanting to disturb our cozy nest, I asked if she minded that I skip the doses that night, and the good woman said she did not mind. I said, “So, I’ll snore like a mule and kick like one too.” “And spit like a llama,” she replied. “Did I just spit on you?” “Yes,” she said, and the giggles commenced. We laughed for several minutes, which eased a lot of tension. Not so sucky, actually.

The NaNoWriMo project is coming along; I’m ahead of schedule, although not for long. I’ve missed a couple nights, thanks to all the massive sucking that’s been going on, but I plan on making up for it over the long weekend. We’re planning a little trip to the beach to winterize the cabin and check in with the shop owner, so there will be time. That shouldn’t suck much at all.

I do hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and can spend it with people whose company you enjoy. And I really hope nothing sucks… unless you want it to.


  1. Many hugs to you and your Sweetie! Have a restful, refreshing weekend :-)

    Sagacious Woman

  2. I'm just catching up on my blog reading.....but shit girl, your week sucked like a Dyson. Too bad you didn't live closer, we could have both sucked down some fucking whiskey, because my shit sucked too.


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