Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Wasn't Going To...

I wasn't going to post today. In fact, to be totally honest with you, the day kind of came sneaking up on me; not quite clicking in my brain with the significance of the date.

Please don't think I don't remember, or that I have no respect for the dead, because believe me, I do remember and a part of me mourns for those who were taken from us that day.

And I mourn for those who have been taken from us in the name of that day ever since. Because, when you think about it, there are those who keep feeding that day as though it was a ravenous monster demanding human sacrifice.

It isn't. It's just a day, a date on a calendar. It’s a day when people are married, or are having children, or who are going out to celebrate something wonderful. These things keep happening on this date. The date demands no sacrifice.

There is nothing wrong with honoring those who were taken, by giving today a moment of silence, but don't give it any blood.

Or flames.

Or rage.

The time of rage is over. We can still be hurt and angry at the small group of people that changed the world, but we needn't rage. We need to remember that the whole world felt our pain that day, we weren't the only ones plunged into chaos.

We aren't the only ones who lost.

We aren't the only ones left, either.

Time did not stop. Life did not stop. They both keep moving along and they're not waiting for us to finally climb out of our bed of ashes and move along with them, they have things to do and places to go. So do we.

We have a world that needs peace. We have a planet that needs nurturing. We have children who need love. Love and a safe place to live.

I'm wiping the blood off my calendar. I'm going to move forward as best I can with the memories of this day, but I will not wear them like a ball and chain. I will honor it, and those who were lost, with a moment of silence, then I will move on and try to make some part of today a little bit better.

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  1. I agree. Trying to make things a little better is a good way to honour those lost. It is such a sad, unsettling day even in Australia. One of those moments in history that will be perpetually underlined. My heart goes out to all those affected.


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