Sunday, May 12, 2013

7 Weeks

When you think about it, seven weeks can either be a very long time or a very short one. It all depends on perspective.

For me… it’s been forever. It is the number of weeks that I’ve NOT had a day off. I’m either at my regular job or going to the shop. It isn’t all bad, but the three and a half hour drive each way makes it doubly exhausting. I haven’t had any time to myself for writing, reading, scratching my ass, or picking my nose. Every weekend has been taken up by the shop and while I am certainly not surprised at the amount of work and driving, I am tired.

I do love working there. I enjoy the customers (most of them) and helping them choose hats. I really love taking pictures of them wearing the goofy hats we have, and I love it even more when they buy them. J

One of the most frequent comments I get is if I’ve ever been to the hat shop in Leavenworth. Apparently it has been made famous by a visit from Oprah. Now, you can’t get into the shop because the line is so long. I guess the prices are extremely high, so people are a little annoyed to come to my humble shop and realize they could have purchased the same hat for about a quarter the price.

Not my fault. Oprah’s never been to my store, so there’s plenty of room for customers.

Work has kept me busy, but I’m giving serious thought to looking for a different position. After last Friday when a student (one not even in my classroom) decided to gnaw on my elbow, I started thinking that I may be too old to want to deal with these kids anymore. I carried around a perfect dental impression in my flesh for quite a while, and while the bruise isn’t quite visible, the pain is quite apparent and I’m not happy about it. So, I’ll put in my application for office assistant and hope for the best.

Mother’s Day was wonderful. Most Minor Minion called from the shop to wish me a happy day and to chat. It was very nice. I called my mom and we talked for an hour and a half. Almost a record for us! And there was no fighting!

Spawn and Middle Minion came over for dinner. I promised them pizza and they were happy to visit. J I had such a great time it was worth any gluten problems I may encounter as a result.

I did get a little bit of editing done this weekend and now things are a huge jumbled mess. I really need to sit down and figure out where I want this story to go. Things keep changing and it is making me crazy! Then I read all the criticisms of Dan Brown’s books and I have to wonder if my writing is as bad as his (although you have to wonder if so may people are buying his stuff, is it really that bad?) No, don’t answer… please.

Good night, and have a great week.

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