Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Our hat shop!

As soon as the website is up I’ll publish the name and address! (right now it’s attached to my address and, well, we don’t have hats for sale in my house).

In the mean time, we’re happy to have the buying part over with. Now we just have the paying part to do.

Most Minor Minion has been convinced to continue in our employ until June. It was a huge relief when he decided he’d go back to the shop. I know it’s especially difficult for him to do this without a car, but I think that was the Universe saying, “Dude, stay put at the beach. I have a surprise for you.” I’m guessing it’s called “doing some growing up” but I could be wrong.

We’re working on streamlining the way things are done, “de-confusing” the till operations (I never did figure out how the previous owner was doing it. MMM couldn’t either, so he and I sat down and sorted things out so now we’re good to go). And you know what? I think my son likes it. I think he’s settling into this life of independence.

And I think it’s kind of awesome.

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