Saturday, January 12, 2013

It’s January WHATNOW?

Happy New Year! (I can still say that, right? Even though it’s the 12th of January? Gosh, I hope so.)

It cannot be almost halfway through the month already. Nope, not possible. I haven’t even been to work for a full week yet this year. Everyone else has, but not me.

Because I’m special, that’s why, so special I had to stay home for four days with strep throat. I don’t mind staying home, in fact, I really miss being able to do that and not worry so much about money. However, one must pay the bills or risk losing every-damn-thing. I’m not quite at that point yet, but getting closer… Don’t panic, it’s a good thing actually.

Anyway, staying home when you’re feeling good means you can get things done. Things like dishes, laundry, EDITING… Being so sick you spend your days slipping in and out of sleep and the thought of writing anything makes you want to weep is NOT how I want to be at home.

There is so much to do this month, so much hovering overhead, so much more rushing around us, I worry that we’ll get swept up and something is going to be forgotten. Like, oh, MY BLOG. Um, MY BLOGS! And, apparently, the ability for form sentences like an adult. I just looked up at Tam and said, “Wow, I just swallowed and it only hurted a little tiny bit.” Yes, I said “hurted.” I think four days of fever melted part of my brain. BUY MY BOOK, IT’S THE LAST SENSE I’LL MAKE!

But really, things have been great (except for the really icky sick part of last week). We’re making progress on THE REALLY BIG THING which I think I may have mentioned here before, but I can’t remember but since we’re moving forward and I’ve already contacted an attorney and a CPA and it’s a matter of signing papers and filing shit with the state, I’m pretty sure it’s safe enough to say…

We’re buying our hat shop! Our dream of owning and running a small business is coming to fruition and we couldn’t be happier. Richer would help, but we still could not be happier. It’s complicated, messy, and very confusing at times, not to mention DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT ATTORNIES AND CPA’S CHARGE PER HOUR??? Oh, my hair… I’m gonna end up selling what’s left of my silver tresses just to pay those two.

But the purchase will be legal and complete with no ugly surprises to mar our future. Well, no ugly surprises that hide in paperwork. We’ll be renting a tiny (but totally sweet) apartment right over the store! My youngest will be running the shop in our stead and living in the apartment until Tam can go there permanently this summer. Then he’ll stick around until I can join in the festivities on a permanent basis.

Until then, I’ll be sticking around here for a few years (unless the books sell or the shop does really well), but I’m looking for a different position in the district so I can actually survive the next few years. I’ll be “going over” on holidays, weekends, and as much during the summer as I can, while getting the house ready for renters. There will be lots of repairs and LOTS of culling that needs to be done. So many generations of things have been crammed under these rafters that it will take me a very long time to sort through it all.

We’re both really excited and I can’t wait to dish out more details. But they’ll have to wait. Once the papers are signed, there will be pictures posted, along with a website (I’ve already purchased the domain name!)

Gosh, I feel so grown up!

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