Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Answers, Some Plans

It took me a while, but I finally figured out why blogging had become such a difficult thing for me to do on a regular basis. Not only was my job taking up inordinate amounts of my time and energy, but so were my attempts to keep something alive that needed to be let go.

Like that blog about my life. The life that I changed so much it no longer existed, yet I was still trying to write in the same way. Stuff changes, the blog had to go. Besides, every time I read some of those older posts, I would start tearing up and get all morose.

I hate being morose.

So, I saved those posts and deleted the blog. Why did I save them? They're part of my history, and good or bad, that is still part of my life.

So, for those of you looking to hear about Spawn, Bubba, or Thing... well, I'm not sure you'll find them here. Or, what I'll call them. Those are their real nicknames, but those names are also tied to the old blog, so I'm a bit torn. Besides Killer has decided she no longer wants to be known as Killer, especially since that's not what I call her at home, so...

How much of my past do I want to bring forward? How much of my past wants to be moved?

I'll get with everyone and find out just how much of their lives they want on the blog and we'll go from there.

I make no promises on the frequency of posts, the humor content (or total lack thereof). In this blog, I'll talk about life as a gay woman adjusting to this new life while living in her childhood home.

That topic alone would fill a dozen blogs. But I’m only going to have this one about my life. My other blog is about writing.

Because there are some things that just won’t change, and my love of writing and sharing my world are two of them.


  1. Well this should be an interesting blog cause I'll be playing a staring roll in it.
    I love your intro and I can't wait to hear from other readers.
    Your Partner and Soul Mate

  2. starring so you know I can't spell but I still love you even when you laugh at me.

  3. I love you and I'm so glad you're back! (Especially with your partner and soul mate staring at you...hee!)

    I look forward to reading, my friend.

  4. N.H. I'm so glad you found the blog. I'm kind of not announcing anything since I made such a big deal about leaving the old one. Makes me feel like one of those furniture stores that's always having a "going out of business" sale. But I just couldn't stay away. Love you too, m'dear.

  5. I like staring at Karen it's fun and it makes her wonder if there's something hanging off her nose.

  6. I second being glad that you're back. I missed you so much. This has made my day !!!


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